Fabulous Saddles and Service, Highly recommended”Julia Mainwaring Surrey - Jan 2018

I have had two Hastilow saddles.  They have been so comfortable and well fitted to my horseSue Root West Horsely - Dec 2017

"We had a completely bespoke dressage saddle made for my daughters 12 h pony who is a very funny shape and proved impossible to fit off the shelf saddles too, I am so impressed with the quality, finish, communication and professional service throughout and so grateful it was made a priority to be finished for a very important competition, which went very well no doubt the saddle contributed to that ! Highly recommend" - Mattie Poole Hampshire 26th March 2018

"I have had multiple saddles over the years, and my favorites have always been Hastilows! Incredible craftsmanship, service and quality! - Kelsey Nicholls USA 18th April 2018

"Fantastic quality, wouldn't use any other saddle."

Cherie Williams - Wales April 2018

"Absolutely love my new saddle!  It’s like riding in butter! ❤️❤️❤️ thank you Nikki Davies for the incredible back Office support. And thank you Andrew for building this beautiful saddle." Leigh Wilson - 18th May 2018 Washington State USA

I recently ordered a bespoke GP saddle for a client with a young Clydesdale. The saddle required a number of alterations to achieve a suitable fit for both horse and rider. The team at Hastilow & Sons were excellent from the very beginning! We were able to discuss the changes and I was kept up to date along the way. The final result couldn't have been better! The quality of materials and attention to detail was brilliant.
Happy horse, happy rider and very happy saddle fitter!
Thanks again,

Meg Webb Saddle Fitting - 10th April 2019

I have had THE BEST experiences with these guys. Their communication and customer service is outstanding. Their knowledge and care over their products are second to none. I am now in possession of my new saddle so once I've rode in it a few times I will review that too. A 5 star service is all you'll get from these guys. Love Mary and Jo - Jo Edsor Petersfield - July 2019

Last year, Annette fitted Bronte in her own Bamburgh dressage saddle because she is such a different shape than my other horses. She started going so well on the flat because she could really swing through her back. I also felt like, finally, I could SIT! It was great to be able to use my seat on her to engage her hind end more. Annette recently visited to re-fit the saddle and we switched from an extra-wide bar to a wide bar. She no longer has a table-top back and has developed much more top-line muscle. She will probably always be broad, but now she is more muscle than fat (which is what every athlete should be!).

I am so pleased with how Bronte's flatwork has developed since we've had her in this saddle-- with scores over 70% at every show and as high as 76%, she is a real star for the future. Our experience with the Bamburgh dressage saddle is a great example of how the right equipment helps put young horses on a path to success, in training and in the show ring." - Ema Klugman USA July 2019

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