Welcome to Hastilow & Sons.  We are a saddlery company producing high end saddles for every riders needs. 

All our saddles are made to order and are made from the highest quality leather and components. Hastilow & Sons is committed to staying environmentally friendly. We reuse and recycle all our shipping materials and make every effort to limit our environmental footprint.


Congratulations team USA!! we are taking home the Nation's Cup trophy after a tough day of competition- this marks the third time the US has won in the history of the IPE. The US riders ride steadily and beautifully, especially considering the challenging track, challenging heat and humidity, and the round of the flu that's going through the teams. They showed a great display of dedication, focus, and super riding skills and were rewarded with great scores!! What a great representation of their hard work and the United States Pony Clubs program! - See our testimonial page for Ema Klugman's review of our Bamburgh Dressage Saddle!!


Our Signature Collection Saddles, The Bamburgh and The Warwick have been a massive success since we launched the new range.  Call or email us today for more information!


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