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Hastilow & Sons

Bespoke Traditional English Saddles

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Did you know that we have been recognised as an Award Winning company???

We took part in the National Saddlery Competition at the beginning of February with no expectations of winning so was estatic to walk away with wins in both Class 7 Trade Saddlers and Class 10 Open Saddle.  Topping it off was to win The Bruce Emtage Memorial Plate for the Best In Show

Welcome to Hastilow & Sons.  We are a saddlery company producing high end saddles for every riders needs. 

All our saddles are made to order and are made from the highest quality leather and components. Hastilow & Sons is committed to staying environmentally friendly. We reuse and recycle all our shipping materials and make every effort to limit our environmental footprint.



We love the variety in our saddle making.  Each and every client has different wants and needs and at H&S we pride ourselves on being adaptable and being able to cater for those who want anything from the classic saddle to that extra bit of sparkle and colour.  Below is a video montage of some of our latest creations.

DID YOU KNOW..........

Andrew is a qualified SMS Saddle Fitter as well as a Master Saddler, if you need your saddle checked then give us a call, whatever the make.


andy saddle fitting.jpg
Greatham 3.jpg


Our Signature Collection Saddles, The Bamburgh and The Warwick have been a massive success since we launched the new range.  Call or email us today for more information!


The Signature Collection_Medium (3)

The Signature Collection_Medium (3)

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