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Andrew Hastilow - Owner of Hastilow & Sons

Andrew Hastilow is the Owner of Hastilow & Sons, having been the Senior Master Saddler at Hastilow Competition Saddles and was the designer and developer of the new saddle lines. He completed his apprenticeship with his father in his Walsall company, then joined the Parkes Group as a Master Saddler. Andrew went to Australia working for a Saddlery Co then returned to join Hastilows. He has had many wins in the Society of Master Saddlers Saddlery Competition and has been designing and producing saddles for 30 yrs, he is a Master Saddler and also a Qualified Saddle Fitter.

He is an avid cricket player and has played for Haslemere Cricket Club for the last 32 years.  He is a level two cricket coach for under 21's as well as a qualified Welfare Officer and First Aider. He has two sons, one about to start University the other determined to follow his father and grandfather into the saddlery trade.

Meet The Team
Introducing from left to right:

Picture 1 -Andrew Hastilow - Owner and Director
Picture 2 - Nikki Davies - Office Manager, Andrew Hastilow and Faye Williams (Master Saddler)
Picture 3 - Amber Markley - HCS USA (Our Guest at BETA 2020), Andrew Hastilow and Nikki Davies
Picture 4 - Gus Billard (Saddler)



Look at what goes on in the workshop and the various stages of saddle construction.


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Our Customised Work Uniform

We pride ourselves on our professional approach to our saddle making but also strive to look professional in our appearance!



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